Saturday, July 19, 2014

The nerves are starting

Tonight we had a great time celebrating my little cousin's first birthday. What a sweet and happy little person she is. It was so fun to watch her tear into her pink iced chocolate cake. She attacked it like a boss.

After laughing and eating and playing with some awfully cute babies, we headed home to continue our preparation for the hub's back surgery and recovery. We are putting so much hope in this surgery. It is really hard not to worry about so many things. Are these the right doctors? Is this surgery going to work? Will he ever be out of pain? The children are all handling it in their own ways. G is taking it the hardest. She is so very tender hearted...she is scared for her daddy. She needs some extra hugs for sure. Just pray that our march towards Monday's surgery will be a smooth one. Pray for B and our children. Please.

A funny to leave you with. This is what children do when Dad goes shopping for post surgery slip on shoes for way too long...look at my boy in the background:

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