Thursday, July 10, 2014

In a pickle

Cucumbers are taking over our garden. I mean gardens. They have spread from their appointed area and trellis to the squash and zucchini, over to the tomato bed and behind the AC unit(we have raised beds). When I see all the flowers and mini cukes growing, I think one thing: pickles. My grandmother and great aunt used to make pickles. I remember watermelon rind pickles, which are apparently delicious, but I dislike watermelon so, well, you know. I am a dill pickle girl all the way, kosher being my favorites. So I decided to get a crock and start making some pickles:

Isn't it pretty? I am ready to get started. and fill up my pantry for what I have decided to call a "pickle winter". Who knows? The hub likes sauerkraut, so I could make that too. We'll see. Tune in for further details.
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