Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We went to bed last night full of worry for our beautiful neighbors and mountains in the surrounding counties. Wildfires have been raging for weeks and weeks wih devastating results. Last night it reached a fever pitch: videos of flames licking at the doors of houses and businesses; people grabbing everything they could to get in their cars before they could no longer safely leave; horrifying pictures of glowing landscapes and red skies. A few desperately needed showers came for a little bit and calmed some of the flames, but things are still burning and the devastating aftermath is there for everyone to see. Please pray for these people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods. Just so terrible. Pray for these people.

We are currently icing G's other knee...not the one that got whacked, but the other one. She pointed out to me a week or more ago that it felt kind of spongy and it did. Kind of gross. Well, it has obviously gotten a whole lot of fluid on it and we are trying to get it to go down. So we are calling her Sponge Knee Square Pants. Gotta have some humor in this post.

Night all.

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