Thursday, November 24, 2016

Turkey Lurkey

Today was Thanksgiving and it was a lovely, but bittersweet, day. I couldn't help but mourn for the Walker family and the families of those affected by the Chattanooga bus crash. SO many heavy things on my heart.

We had cousins over to play while the adults were bustling around in the kitchen. The kids had all made their culinary delights the night before, so we were making the staples. I have never fretted over anything so much in my life as the gravy I was asked to make. I consider myself to be a pretty decent cook, but gravy is one of those things where success has alluded me. The hub was good at minding the pot and stirring it out of scorching while I added milk and flour slurry ever so often to thicken it up. It turned out alright. We have plenty left over which means there will be plenty a "moist maker" to be consumed. If you are not familiar with that, google it or the Friends episode. The kids are now looking through the ads and making their Christams lists which they aren't super stoked about. They aren't really feeling like they need much this CHristmas and are feeling very thankful for what they have. Makes a mom proud.

I am going to go make my list and put my feet up and maybe even indulge in a beverage of some sort. Maybe.

Night all.

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