Friday, November 4, 2016

Another one in the books

First playoff game for the high school football team is in the books. We won, which is nice, but now the kids will have to go to Greeneville next week sometime. That is the Tennessee one not the South Carolina one. Hopefully it will be on a Friday, so the kids can sleep in the next day. Jeepers. As always, I have to battle for a seat and a shred of respect from the cheer and football moms. I am not trying to be ugly. I'm sure some of them are very nice, but they sure do not give any love or respect to the band moms. I take that back, one football mom I know has a son who is dating a band member. She has respect. Those kids in the band work as hard or harder and as many hours to be treated like trash at those games. I really needed to say something, but I chose not to traumatize my girls in front of their friends. So we left early and I watched a blurb of The Walking Dead for a while. I know, I need to get a life.

I'm going to do this right now.

Night all.

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