Thursday, November 3, 2016

Productive for once

I'll admit, the temptation to sleep all day was great as I heard the music start playing on my alarm clock this morning. It has been some years since I have watched much baseball, but I felt the need to watch yesterday. Growing up where I did, you were a Braves fan for the most part. We got WGN on our TV line up, so I did watch a fair amount of Cubs baseball. I liked the announcing and the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". So I was happy for the Cubs, I must say, but I was dog tired this morning after watching all the celebrating and interviews. Caffeine was my friend this morning, but I over indulged. At that point I knew I needed to do something to burn it off. So I started to picking up and putting away crud. I walked into a child's room, tripped on something and came close to knocking my face off, so it was on. I made huge piles of crud in the middle of their floor so they would have a rather unpleasant return home from school. I cleaned the bathrooms, the kitchen, the other rooms. I mopped and dusted and put away Halloween decorations. I got caught up on all the laundry for about, um, maybe 6 seconds until someone had to change for soccer practice. It was nice while it lasted.

This evening was comprised of many acivities back to back that the hub and I need to split ourselves in half in order to accomplish it all.  Someday we'll figure it out.  Until that time, we'll just live our lives out of the car since we spend so much time in there.  Ha.

We are watching the finale of "60 Days In". My oldest is writing a paper on corruption among corrections officers in prisons. She's enjoying her research. It is interesting, but I am propping my eyelids up...

Night all.

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