Tuesday, November 15, 2016

He's almost home

The hub has been on a business trip and returns home in just 30 minutes or so. We are all excited to have him home. We've been very fortunate that he hasn't had to travel much at all in the last several years. My parents came to help me with transportation and child wrangling. We had several doc appointments and standing meetings that I needed help child shuffling. My father, as always, managed to tell us hilarious stories about the people in his hometown. Tonight's involved a strange couple who attended every dance thrown in the community and their love for dancing was only eclipsed by the pet monkey they kept in their home. The story went downhill from there, but in the best kind of way. I need to record these things, I really do.

It has been a pretty run of the mill day otherwise. The boy made pumpkin pizelles tonight. They were very tasty. He's quite the budding chef.

Night all.
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