Monday, November 21, 2016

My Heart Hurts

Hug your babies, big and small. Hug them tight this evening and every chance you get. This morning started off with devastating news the the boy's teacher's daughter passed away in the night. She was a junior in high school...had the whole world in her grasp. We have, as parents, moved through the day in a fog. While we weren't necessarily super close with her, we watched her grow up from a little sweet girl in the first grade to a gorgeous young woman. I watched her cheer on the football team just this past Friday. G and the boy have both had her mother as a teacher. She often came to hang out in the classroom and play with the kids when G was a third grader. S saw her every day in the hallway in school and at every game as the cheerleaders did their job in front of the band. As a parent, I am heartbroken and want to hold my children close and squeeze them as tight as they will allow.

Also, a bus load of children in our state, just down the road, were involved in an accident and at least 5 were killed. The bus was carrying grades K-5, 35 of them. Fiv babies are gone. It, paired with the above news, is almost too much to bear. I just pray that the peace that passes all understanding washes over the families during this horrible time. I ask for your prayers for all involved in the sadness of this day.

Hug your babies...big and small.

Night all.

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