Saturday, November 5, 2016

Talk my husband down

Any of you who are parents know that when you see your child get hurt in any kind of active situation in a significant way, your adrenaline activates and you go into either panic/fear/rage/rescue mode. As is the case with us, G was playing in her last game of the day and the last 4 minutes of the second half. All of a sudden, after gaining possession of the ball in her hands and preparing to punt it, one of the girls from the opposing team ran into her full steam and sent her airborne only to land in a heap with a sickening thud. The hub lost his mind and yelled out to the ref for some justice, who immediately threatened to throw him out of the facility. He isn't one of our favorites. He did card the girl, but not the color I felt she deserved. G laid there for a while and then was carefully rolled over by her dad, our PT friend and the coach. She has injured her knee, but it is too angry right now to assess. I must say it is a sobering sight to see your child carried off the field by four people to try and comfort each limb. Grown ups say the dumbest things and it was imperative that we got out of there and away from the coaches and parents soon, because the protective papa bear couldn't hear the opposing parents talk about the innocent accident that had just occurred. The offender had already given another girl a bloody lip and another an elbow to the back earlier in the game. Once home, we started icing and the hub went for a drive. He ate his dinner by himself. He needed to work through the adrenaline rush. He is currently snoozing his way through a staged ER reality show on TLC with very bad acting. I'm going to bed and take advantage of the time change and the extra hour of sleep on a work day. It will be wonderful.

Night all.

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