Friday, November 25, 2016

This week has been different!

Guest Post from DH:

My heart is still in shock over the death/murder of the CHS Cheerleader this week. I cannot fathom the shock of the parents and family. I can't even begin to formulate what I will say to the grieving family at the receiving of friends. I can't change the past, so I will look for words to offer hope and comfort.

It makes me proud to see the community come together.
-The memorial fund was started late Tuesday or early Wednesday and it has well over $20,000 in it.
-The candlelight vigil was well attended and served as a community time of mourning.
-The Semifinal football game is tonight. Cheerleaders and Spectators are wearing purple. This was her favorite color. I am impressed with the Marshall County fans who are being encouraged to wear purple as well.

For the cheerleader's family, there will be a long period of healing. The alleged shooter has been arrested and is awaiting arraignment and trial. And now, we as a community must establish a new normal.

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