Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ramping up for Thanksgiving

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is a week from this Thursday, but I feel the need to get started now. Let me get things made ahead and in the freezer. Let me clip coupons and go buy supplies now before they get sold out. Let me get the house cleaned for guests and the Christmas lists ready for Black Friday. How about this, Jenny, how about you get yourself ready and give thanks. It has been a pretty good year and one worthy of thanks. We know so many who are struggling with family issues and health problems and financial difficulties. We may have an occasionally angsty teenager/preteen or a week where every project and concert and performance is on the same weeknight, but we have love and togetherness. And for that we are truly thankful.

I'm now going to be very thankful for a shower and my warm bed.

Night all.

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