Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tooth Fruity

The annual band fruit sales are coming to a close and I am glad.  You can make some good money selling the stuff and it is a tasty product, but I HATE having to peddle anything.  I stand firmly behind my statement that I could not sell eyesight to the blind.  The money will be turned in tomorrow and I don't have to worry anymore...until the boxes come in and we have to deliver it.  Oh well.  People are excited for the fruit.

I got a tooth fixed today. My dentist is the best and I am so glad to have him work on me.  I have found that as I have gotten older it takes longer and more stuff to numb me up.  I got my first dose, sat up to go to the bathroom and then watched The Walking Dead until they started to work on the tooth that fell victim to the nacho chip.  He got so far when all of a sudden, I jumped half out of the chair and about lost my mind.  "Let's get that numbed a little more...are you okay?  Don't hesitate to ask for more numbing."  I told him it didn't hurt until it hurt.  He said, "We call that a 'zinger'."  Heck yes it is.  But the tooth is fixed and I didn't have to get a crown.  Thank goodness.

Night all.

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