Thursday, November 10, 2016

MRI'ed up

G went tonight to get an MRI on her knee. Last night's discussion/explanation session on how said test works was nothing short of hysterical. The hub was imitating the sound it makes when it is initially turned on and I was making the sounds of the pictures being taken. She went, "And these sounds are all happening at the same time?". I guess we at least prepared her for the volume level. After getting her registered, we sat in the waiting room a short time before they called her back. We sat and watched the news while they worked with her. She emerged 30 minutes later with a big smile on her face. Apparently she got earphones pumped full of her favorite music and special warmed blankets. What a life! I guess we'll find out what is up with the gimpy knee on Monday when she see her doctor. Hopefully all will be well.

Night all.

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