Saturday, November 12, 2016

Frozen soccer Saturday

We are home after a cold day of soccer. I just boiled myself in the shower, but I can't say that I feel that much warmer. Oh well. G did not get to play even though she wanted to more than anything. I was not going to take any chances with her knee until we get the report from her doctor on Monday. Her team did well and made it to the championship game. As usual, they ended up playing in the dark. They were down one goal and had 6 minutes left to play when the opposing coach decided it was too dark and made the ref call the game. I'll just leave it at that, because I have nothing nice to say. The girls all got medals, even G, which made them happy. They were certainly glad to be done and get inside to thaw out.

I think I am going to bed now. Yes, at 7:40pm, I'm going to bed. I'm done.

Night all.

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