Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'm Horrible

Today has been a fairly low key day, thankfully. I needed one after the first half of the week. I did get part of the makings for Thanksgiving dinner including the "turkey lurkey" as my grandmother used to call it. The sweet young man bagging my groceries and I were discussing all the exercise benefits that might come from hauling a 23lb frozen turkey around. CrossFit might be able to come up with a whole Thanksgiving themed workout. Just saying.

We had an unexpected night at home with futsal practice being cancelled, so we enjoyed a laugh-filled dinner together. Then jokes began. And then jokes were being created on the spot. And then the boy trumped everybody with a Yo Mama joke. It was not dirty, thank goodness, but it was funny. Amid I hated to laugh as hard as I did, but coming from that spectacled little guy, I couldn't help myself.

I am now completely current with The Walking Dead, so my Thanksgiving meal prep will have to be accompanied by a new series or documentary. I've heard "13th" is one that everyone must see. I may check it out.

Night all.

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