Friday, July 1, 2016

My head's gonna pop off

I have had to trudge through a swamp full of laundry today, so I made the most of my basement time by viewing some documentaries as I match socks. The first one I watched was call "The Champions". It was all about the 22 pit bulls that were not destroyed, but taken into evidence and ultimately sent to a rehabilitation facility after being taken from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. Some of these dogs will spend the rest of their lives at the refuge, loved and cared for by the staff there. The others stayed for a while to recover from their horrific treatment and then adopted by loving families who were healed as much by the dog as the dog was healed by them. It absolutely broke my heart. Our dog is 99% lab, but more than likely she has some pit in her as well. She's a little bit crazy, but is a loving dog. The breed used to be considered the ultimate family dog years ago. What happened? It made me crazy. These dogs were subject to horrible abuses and their former owner/abuser is given the key to the city of Dallas. Arrggh.

The second documentary I watched(there is a lot of laundry) is called "The Hunting Ground" about the scourge of rampant sexual assaults on college campuses. I get it people; I know that with every documentary like this the opinions are skewed, but if an ounce of what they reported was true, shame on universities. It made me want to immediately go enter my daughters into self defense courses. There is so much to say about this film, but not enough to space or time. Watch it. It should be required viewing. It was so disturbing.

I need to go watch a sit com to calm my head down.

Night all.

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