Saturday, July 16, 2016

Work it out in therapy...

Faer a rousing day of shopping for a birthday present and some other things, the family went to my little cousin's birthday party. She was dressed as Elsa from Frozen and was hyped and ready for her party. Afterwards, the hub and I dropped off kids and went to run a few errands and stop for a beverage. Nothing fancy, just visit with some people and play cards or whatever. WHen we got home, I realized G's birthday balloons were more than dead and decided to dispose of them. The Mylar balloon was holding on for dear life and so I took advantage and sucked some of the helium out of it. Yes, I am 12. I started saying the oldest's name, which creeped her out to such an extent that the door was slammed in my face. Didn't realize that a helium end voice like that came after her in a nightmare and hurt her, so now she will probably need therapy four or five time a week to recover from the mental damage I have inflicted. I'm hanging my head in parental shame and hoping for redemption some day.

Night all.

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