Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A true hero

Zaevion Dobson was honored tonight with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the Espy's. His mother and brother accepted on his behalf. Put aside whatever you think about gun violence for a second, because that is not what I want to say. What a bittersweet story of truly laying down one's life for another human being. He threw himself on top of two friends to shield them from gunfire and lost his life in the process. Courage that most grown people would not exhibit. Knoxville and the world lost a hero on December 17. I am so in awe of his mother's poise and strength during this whole ordeal. She looked beautiful and strong and ready to fight tonight when she accepted the award. I bawled the whole time.

Now back to the gun issue. We are owners of guns, but have them properly stored and out of the reach of our children. While I am not anti-gun, I am anti senseless death. The question is still out there hanging in the atmosphere: What are we going to do about this gun situation? It's just enough...whether it is a 15 year old boy or police officers patrolling innocently. Enough already. Uncle.

Night all.

PS...Happy Birthday to my sweet G. She is 12 and as crazy as her so very much!

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