Thursday, July 14, 2016

A new

So, I downloaded Pokemon Go on Monday. I had heard lots of buzz, but didn't really see the big deal about it. I made sure to download it on my phone and none of the kids have my design. I've heard too many stories about people walking in front of cars and going on private property, so I didn't want the kids to be in any kind of bad situation. My friend in Maryland gave me a few pointers as she has two older boys who are much more quickly schooled on things like this. So once I got the hang of looking for things, it got a little interesting. The boy and I were at the church playground today when we discovered that the church steeple was a "Pokestop". Who knew? S has. Talked about how the whole drumline is obsessed with this app and they end up going to different areas of town every night after band camp. So, when I figured a few things out this afternoon, we decided to take a drive. We took S out for some ice cream and then for a drive. When we got close to church and the local park, my phone went bonkers. "Oh my gosh, Mom! There are four of my friends right there in the park. Can we stop and go in the park?". Ok sure, but she doesn't even have the app. But I wasn't going to argue. We walked into the park and, my gosh, it was like we had walked into another world. We found her friends and we're talking to them about the different creatures when a random guy came up, "Uh, have you all gotten a Friglyhigomon yet?"(totally made that name up). S's friend, T, said, "Uh, yeah dude. There's one over there by the blue slide." It was getting dark, so I know she missed some people, but S counted at least 60 people with phones out looking for creatures. More were entering as we were leaving. More were around the duck pond close by. It was like we had entered a new world. I don't know what to think. The few people actually out to walk regarded the rest of us with much disgust. It was crazy.

I'm going to get a bath and read up more on what I just witnessed this evening.

Night all.

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