Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Mom is Tired

Hi, this is G. I am writing the blog today, because my mom is super tired.
Yesterday I left to go to Carowinds with my church. My dad went on the trip as a chaperone. We woke up at 5:15 and had to leave the house at 5:45. We were on the bus by 6:00. We got to Carowinds about noon. I thought I wasn't going to ride a lot of rides. So I stayed with my friend. We went on water rides, a sky tower, kiddie rides, and a SUPER spinning ride. So we were in the sky tower and I saw a ride that was not bad at all. It only had curves and no drops. And of course no loops. I rode it with two of my closes guy friends. They love roller coasters and since I made them do that one they made me do one of their favorite rides. The one we went on was called NightHawk. We were walking to go wait and they were standing behind me so I wouldn't run off and sit out. I asked one of the guys to hold my hand because I was so scared. I saw a loop and I said that is a loop I am not going on this. So my guy friend said it was a inversion.They strapped us in the ride of one of workers could tell I was freaking out so he asked me if I wanted the bar tighter. And of course I said yes. Then the scariest part was when they laid us back like a recliner. So I grabbed my friend's hand. You were laying back like you were superman. Then when we got on the ride he said oh and G that is a loop. It was the best ride I have been on in my life. Even though I closed my eyes the whole time it was great. Once we were done I was breathing super hard. We were going to go get dinner then come back to the park and ride more. started raining and lightening. And they were closing the super big one so I couldn't go on the NightHawk again. I was really sad. So we went back to the cabins and played games, watched movies, and had really funny conversations. We came home today and I was super sad to leave. I want to go back really badly. Maybe next summer....I hope! Goodnight Everyone!

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