Sunday, July 17, 2016

Creepy crapper

We are in the market for new phones here at the ranch. Are they something that we can not survive life without? Of course not, but they sure do make life a lot easier when you have three children in three different schools and multiple activities and a job and all that stuff. We have grown less and less impressed with our cellular provider and their less than reasonable rates, so the time has arrived to look at other possibilities. The hub tried to reason with our current company and they responded by basically telling him to have a nice life and disconnected. That didn't sit well, so he made a visit to a competitor. Today we went as a family to visit the provider and hear all of our options. If you have been in a cell phone store recently, you know that the average visit is no less than what seems like three hours of sheer hell. WIth three kids accompanying us on this trip, it is inevitable that someone will have to go to the bathroom. We were no exception and the poor boy had to go empty his bladder. The gentleman running the store warned us that there was a companion in the bathroom that needed to be ignored. I wasn't really paying attention and sent the boy on his way with his dad. That was the fastest trip ever taken to the bathroom. He came back and hugged me tight. "That bathroom freaked me out! Did you know there was a mannequin in there? She kept staring at me...kind of hurt my concentration. I don't like that bathroom.' Sorry, buddy. I won't make that mistake again,

Night all.

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