Thursday, July 28, 2016

Burger tummy

It has been blazing hot today and I've been drinking like an idiot trying to rehydrate. We did some exploring and had a few treats and shopped a little bit. Afterwards, we had a late lunch at the hub's favorite burger cafe. The people at the next table over were quite loud in their conversation. A family consisting of an 18 year old grandson and his grandparents. At first, it was quite annoying since the grandson spoke at stadium level volume and used lots of colorful language. His therapist called during the meal, which he loudly declined. "She didn't answer my call because she was at a wedding...whatever. I'm in a restaurant." There was a lot of hushed angry talk about crazy people and "How can you all take their side?" and bitter sentiments. Believe me, I was truly not trying to eavesdrop. He was so loud, his whisper was clear as day in a busy cafe. A few minutes later, he walked outside to take a call and his grandparents started talking. Grandma: "You know she won't take him. SHe doesn't want him." Grandpa: "I'm afraid he'll go back to Jersey and have to stay with a friend. Neither of them want him and won't have him at their houses." He then returned and the grandparents got quiet. "I guess I'm going to have to check in a minute to see if my dad put any money in my account. If he didn't, he's gonna owe me big time. Can't trust him either" The grandfather kept saying, "Just don't worry about it. You don't need to worry. There are two people here you can trust." While I did not appreciate the excessive use of the f-bomb during our meal, I couldn't hardly blame the kid. How awful to know that your grow ups don't want you? How heartbreaking to be 18 and have a therapist on speed dial! SO sad.

After we ate and returned home, my tummy started rejecting the heavy meal. Burger tummy strikes again.

Night all.

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