Sunday, July 10, 2016

It's all fun and games...

Well, it has been an interesting evening. Let me back up for a second. I took the oldest and the youngest to the store to birthday shop for their sister. After finishing up at the bullseye store, I offered to get them popcorn and a drink. They both took advantage of that offer and snacked away as we headed home. The boy had a strawberry kiwi Snapple. For dinner, we had a dip that had salsa, meat and Velveeta plus he had corn chips to go with it. He wanted milk to drink, but I insisted on water. Swirl that around a little bit. Immediately after dinner, he asked his sister to go out and play with him in the heat. Sources tell me, after the fact, that he was running around the yard like a maniac, dropped to his knees and puked. Just as we are entering a super busy next few weeks. I am praying that running on a stomach full of wicked mix is what caused this to happen and not a late summer stomach bug. Please, Lord, no.

Gonna go batten down the barfy hatches.

Night all.

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