Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stormy storms

We are coming off of a stormy evening here in Knoxville. The youth group was planning to have a Hunger Games type activity, sans the death and weapons, in the city park. They got about 5 minutes in and then the monsoons came. We were at home watching the boy play Xbox when the room got super dark. The sky was black outside and the wind was crazy. Luckily the umbrella on the patio table stayed put and didn't fly away. This is an obvious indicator as to the excitement level of my day if I'm talking about the weather. Jeepers.

I ask for continued prayers for my Uncle. He had a procedure where they injected the actual chemo right Ito his spinal column. That is crazy to me. He has felt pretty rough today. I just pray that all of this struggle will kill off the cancer and make Uncle D healthy again. Pray hard.

Night all.

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