Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And the band played on...

This is a quick post tonight, because I am exhausted. Just got back from soccer practice and then ran to get S at band practice. With their show being a Queen themed one, they were practicing a point where the "We will we will rock you..." was being played. I will hear that in my dreams tonight as they went back and forth over that one little bit a crazy number of times. I can remember being screamed at individually and as a part of a group when I was in band. I think they must have a class in screaming for marching band directors. Sheesh. We got home and I inhaled my dinner way too late and way too fast. If I look green tomorrow, you'll know why. I'll be up all night with heartburn and reflux. Sigh.

Have a great evening...time to wash this day off.

Night all.

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