Thursday, July 7, 2016

Here we go again

Well, my poor uncle has been admitted to the hospital again. His blood pressure will not cooperate and he can't stand up without wanting to pass out. We hope they can solve the mystery soon so he can get some relief. This whole situation has been a tough learning experience for us all. We heard from a friend who said that when someone in your family gets cancer, everybody gets cancer. And it really is proving to be true. It may not be the actual cancer cells in our bodies, but its poison touches every member, big and small, both physically and emotionally. It lays the ground for fear and worry and anger and stress to throw havoc all over, making it hard for people to be the caregivers they need to be. I believe our family has done a pretty good job of keeping that at bay, but the roller coaster of not knowing how to help and not knowing how to make it all better is exhausting for every last person...from the patient on down to the littlest ones who don't understand everything that is happening. We just pray that the Sherlock Holmes of doctors can come in and discover what the other issue is and fix it so the cancer battle can continue uninterrupted. Your prayers are appreciated.

Night all.

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