Friday, July 8, 2016

Mother-Son Day

The hub and the girls are currently at Carowinds riding roller coasters or watching people ride coasters. The boy had to stay at home with his mother, wah wah waaaah, so he got to have some treats today. We first had to do work and go for a play date and berry picking session for church. My boss, the boy and I were the only ones to show up, so that was kind of a bummer. We still picked berries and I took some to my cousin's family and we have some chilling to be eaten as fuel during a 3v3 soccer tourney tomorrow. The thunder is rolling and the boy is watching all his favorite shows while I try to get a handle on the laundry situation. He also helped shop for G's birthday presents...can't believe she will be 12 on Wednesday. He got a new book, dinner out and lemon cookies from Ham 'n Goody's. All in all a successful day for a 9 year old I should say.

Time to curl up and watch a movie with my boy.

Night all.

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