Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What's in there?

Not to be at all racially insensitive, but when we were little and digging what we though was the deepest hole in the sandbox, the catchphrase was that we were "digging to China". There were days where I was just sure it was going to happen within the week, I mean, I would dig a hole so deep that my WHOLE arm went in it. My whole 4 year old arm. So shoot on up to present day. Our dog wages war every day with the chipmunks in our yard. We must have a flipping colony of them, because she hunts them constantly. They run out from under the A/C unit, move as if shot out of the piece of downspout that needs to be replaced and occasionally glance over my foot as they flee across the patio. Not gonna lie, I may have wet myself a little when that happened and I jumped up like an electrocuted bunny rabbit. These chipmunks are the cutest things, but they are making our life hell. She is trying to dig her way under the A/C unit. She pushed the piece of downspout around that yard for 20 minutes to try and get that little creature to come out. I swear it probably had a heart attack in there. And then tonight, on the edge of our big flower bed, she decided to dig her own way to China. I looked out and saw dirt flying and rapped on the window and yelled. When I got out to the hole, I was angry but impressed:

The picture doesn't do it justice. It looks like she has a telescopic leg-paw to dig down that deep. Let's just say that the hub was not pleaed. At all. Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I'll be a filler.

Night all.
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