Sunday, November 29, 2015

Spoons and Star Wars

We had a rare Sunday afternoon that was free of youth choir and bells and other things, so we took advantage. Lazy Sundays are a welcome gift and I was so grateful for the time with the family. Sure, we've had a Thanksgiving break here recently, but just time as the five of us is rare. Today we chose to have a viewing of "The Empire Strikes Back" just to get everyone primed and ready for the new Star Wars movie that is coming. I still cried when Han Solo was frozen in carbonite...I went into a dark period of mourning when I first saw the movie in the theatre. My big brother could not console me. It was a rough time. The boy reacted appropriately at the "Luke, I am your father..." with a "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!". Hopefully "The Return of the Jedi" will be a big hit with the kids as well. After the movie and dinner, we played several rounds of Spoons. The violence got real, but at least no one lost a finger or had any blood drawn. Some bruising maybe, but no breaks. There was a lot of yelling and laughter and smack talk. Oh how I love family card games!

Night all.

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