Friday, November 27, 2015

No need for bail money

Well, we survived Black Friday and did not have to visit a bail bondsmen to free us from mall jail. There was a sketchy point in a popular bath product store that often has "Buy 4 get 7 free" kinds of deals. An employee with a red ping pong paddle looking thing(God bless her)stood in the store yelling at customers to show them the new back of the line. Line cutters beware. There were hand sanitizers and body sprays and soaps everywhere. In order to get out of the store with my children, I nearly took a lady with 17 bags out...I apologized profusely. Couldn't lose my kids in a mall. All I have to say is, I am wxtremely grateful that I haven't had to work retail in a while AND I am extremely grateful to those who worked today, were kind and maintained their Christmas spirit. I had some success. I'll take it. Tomorrow....I rest...and maybe look for a tree.

Night all.

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