Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tom Turkey Tired

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day here. A bit of lazy day fun and then crazy turkey fun with a mess of family. So much food and laughter and children and laughter and family and laughter and food again and laughter. We are beyond blessed this day and every day for the bounty God has blessed us with. SO very fortunate.

Tomorrow brings with it Black Friday shopping with the girls and people watching galore. Also there may even be a moist maker sandwich in our future with leftovers. Post dinner wrap up has brought with it dirty dishes, a stopped up toilet and the hub making an emergency trip to a now open for Christmas shopping store so he can stand in long lines with the crazies to buy a bottle of Draino. Pray for him...I may be searching for bail money.

Night all and happy Thanksgiving to you, dear readers!

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