Sunday, November 1, 2015

I am speechless

I must confess, I am rarely speechless. I am not a huge talker, especially in social settings...but I am rarely left with nothing to say. Today I can chalk speechless up on the board. Our neighbor called and the hub answered. Apparently they were victims of being way, WAY overtricked on Halloween. Someone or ones, in the middle of the night, decided to steal the wheels off of their Honda. They came prepared and armed with their own cinder blocks to jack the car up. Also, they found their cat dead. Now, these two things may not be related at all, but it is awfully coincidental. They have since taken the cat to our university's vet school to have the body examined. They want to know if it died of natural causes or if it was killed. How wrong is that? How sick are people? I mean, really? How much gaul do people have to possess to just go into someone's driveway and steal their wheels...all four?!?! What a da#$ shame as far as I am concerned.

RIP litlle kitty. Watch out, horrible people. We're all watching out for you.

Night all.

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