Monday, November 2, 2015

Moist is a dirty word

I am so tired of rain. I'll probably be eating those words this summer, but I am so tired of it. Our mail is moist, our newspaper is moist, our entire garage contents are moist. A lot of people hate that word, but I've been okay with it. Until today. Our newspaper guy does not believe in putting our paper in a plastic bag when he puts it in our box. I am all about saving the environment, but when I wanted to read the Motley Fool this morning, opened the paper and it ripped in two due to be ing so moist and damp...well, I hit my limit. The breakfast room is covered with muddy dog paw prints. The yard looks like a leafy mudhole. Wah wah wah. Forgive me, friends. Life is short and could be so much worse. Forgive my attitude.

I'll blame it on the time change. I almost fell asleep in my bowl of chili at dinner. Not good.

Night all.

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