Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cooked out

It has been a cooking blitz day here as it was in many homes across the country I'm sure. I love cooking for Thanksgiving. I set up my ipad, turn on Netflix or some music and get cook-a-lookin'. This morning I put a cake in the oven at bout 8:45, took the dog for a walk and came back in time to get it out. Not a bad start. My oldest baked a cake as well to use in a trifle, which is lovely and yummy looking. I got the sausage-cornbread sausage made and two pecan pies in the oven. Then G and I got down to business. Our nephew from Nigera(who is living in the midwest)is coming in and we always like to try some dishes that hopefully taste familiar to him. We have made Jollof rice before and he said it was a good American interpretation, so we got to working on it. It turned out to be tasty enough last time(not my cooking skills...a great recipe)that we decided we would double it. It requires a lot of ingredients and a lot of steps. A LOT of steps. We got started on it a little before 2pm and I finally turned the stove off declaring it complete at 5:15pm. There is a lot of boiling and parboiling and more boiling and pureeing and boiling and reducing and waiting. Let's say this: my fingers are burning from the 5, yes 5, habanero peppers that went in it. I knew to wear gloves, but I didn't and I am paying for it now post steamy shower. I also made Shuku Shuku, which is coconut balls. A dessert cookie puff thing. I hope they will be a welcome sight to him. The boy and I played a game of War on the kitchen floor while we waited for them to bake. A fun time was had by all.

I have a feeling they might not do a whole lot of Green Bean Casserole and cranberry sauce in the shape of the can in Africa. Who knows? Tomorrow brings mashed potatoes, GBC(aforementioned casserole) and pepper jelly and crackers. And then eating and conking out in time to get up to take the teenager Black Friday shopping. She enjoys the sport and has managed to complete her shopping for Christmas on that day. More power to her.

For now, I am going to lay down, listen to my children cheer and yell and Survivor and drift off to sleep...I hope. Night all.

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