Saturday, November 14, 2015

Let there be peace on Earth...

I have had a lot of thinking time today and I am still so very saddened by the events in Paris.  I remember going there as a middle schooler...a trip my parents saved for years to take.  Twenty one days with an American Express your group across the UK and Europe.  We had the time of our lives; steak and kidney pie and Big Ben in London, diamond factory yours in Amsterdam, the Davis in Italy, the winter Olympic Games site in Austria, Swatch Watch purchase in Switzerland and the American Exptess building in Paris.  I remember being so impressed by it because Cary Grant had been in it in a movie:  I loved the sights and the smells.  It was an exciting place.  My brother and I read Asterisk comic books in French while our parents exchanged their money.  It was a lovely time.  I weep for them.  For the innocence that gone.  I pray for their safety and their future

Night all.

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