Friday, November 6, 2015

We're all shot up

Forgive my horrible sounding grammar, but it is appropriate for our situation. After a lot of faxing and calls and voicemails and missed calls and call back, we finally got the Rx we needed to have the boy get his flu shot at CVS. Why CVS you ask? My uncle, the best flu shot giver in the world, is the pharmacist there. Once he started giving the flu shot, I went to him. Why not have family stick a needle in your arm in the hopes that it will prevent you from horrible fever, aches, vomiting, respiratory distress and so much more? Sign me up. So right after we picked him up in the car rider line, we whisked him away to store to do the deed. He was not thrilled, but he also remembers how deathly sick he was when he got the flu a few years ago just before Thanksgiving. He said, "I want the shot. I do NOT want to go to the hospital again." When we got in the store, he walked right back to his uncle and pushed his sleeve up and turned his head. Uncle D started talking to him about his day as he wiped the are clean and then asked him what he had for lunch and what he learned. Shot in...shot done. Didn't flinch. He took that sucker like a champ. He did say he felt it, but it was not as bad as he thought. For his reward, he got a special treat of his choosing which was a bottle of fruit punch with the Incredible Hulk's head for a lid. What a cool kid! Just saying.

Night all.
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