Monday, November 9, 2015

Looking for an ark

It is day I don't know what number of rain around here and I am about over it. Dog paw prints, damp everything, mud hole for a back yard and dark rainy moods all around. Just yuck. I took a nap today. I confess. No number of lamps turned on could beat the power of a dark outside. I need to start counting animals two by two and have the hub put all of his scrap wood to use to build some sort of vessel. Come on.

The two youngest have gone to bed. G is, as we say in our house, "stomach aware" and dragging. We went through the steps of clearing the area around her bed and getting a trash can ready. Let's have a big prayer that she can sleep this feeling off and she isn't really sick. I am a horrible mom at puking time. Colds, coughs, snot, even digestive distress on the other end of things don't bother me. Vomit is a struggle. I just hate when they are sick or feeling sick. SO pitiful.

I may hit the hay early and get a head start. Praying hard for an uneventful night.

Night all.

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