Saturday, November 7, 2015

How "bazaar" how "bazaar"

I did some baking yesterday to help contribute to our 48th annual churchwide bazaar. Today the kids and I went back to see if we could find an treasures. Each got a baked treat which all looked wonderful. I must confess that in my distracted state of visiting with other church members and looking at the goodies, I failed to see that the boy ate his purchase...which wa an entire mini loaf of pumpkin bread. I guess that counted as breakfast and lunch. Yeesh. I pray that the sale did well. We will find out the total at church tomorrow. The wonderful thing is that all the money goes to serve mission projects in our church. They have purchased bibles for the children and helped provide funds for other ministry areas. They do such good work...and sure have tasty treats!

I just sent the two youngers to bed, or at least to wind down, after a rousing game of Charades. My gracious these children were nuts playing that game. What looked like my 11 year old had turned into a serial axe murder who was systematically taking out a neighborhood opening one door at a time, turned out to be a janitor plunging a row of toilets in a public bathroom. Or my baby acting what looked like a person with a vomiting bug walking around a house turned out to be a person reacting to his low savings percentage when shopping at the grocery store and doubled over in disgust. Needless to say, I failed miserably as the guesser, but I certainly remained entertained throughout the whole evening.

Never dull around here. Night all.

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