Saturday, October 10, 2015

What? No soccer today?

We had a rare non-soccer Saturday today and we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We woke up to a rainy morning and it was quite tempting to sleep the day away, but I always hate to do that. The boy was up earlier than everyone else and took advantage of his weekend TV time to watch the Avengers cartoon I imagine. We finally woke the oldest up at 9:15. She's had a very busy week and needed some extra sleep, so we decided not t run the vacuum until after nine when it was cleaning time. I thought that was more than considerate. She has a geometry project due the day they get back from fall break, so she needed to get on with that. I needed a new dish drainer, so I took G and the boy to Bed, Bath and Beyond armed with my 20% off coupon. Who knew it was such a place of temptation? Watch out Lego section at Target, your new competition is in the kitchen accessory section...or maybe the clearanced out comforters in the bedding section. I think they examined every single item in the store. The boy has his Christmas list started and completed. This is it I think:

Heck, I know what I want for Christmas! I wonder if they have it in king sized with a Hawkeye pillowcase...I'll have to check that out. But before we got to Christmas shopping, we needed to get a birthday present for a friend and some lunch. The children felt like this was the best option for lunch, but I'm not sure:

A turkey party almost seems too good to be true, but a girl can dream. We can have a party with organic turkey Slim Jim wanna be's while we play the newest game that's sweeping the nation:

Let me just say that the smallish warning on the bottom left about "explicit content" really needs to be bigger. When my oldest comes home from band camp each year with new terms she has learned from the drumline, we have had to consult this dictionary. The terms often make me feel the need to sit down and take a contemplate what kind of free time do people have to come up with this stuff. We took the game out of the cart, did not have a turkey party and left with some Legos and shampoo. Big spenders.

As it is a Saturday night, I am going to have a bowl of ice cream and then retire for the evening. Work comes awfully early after a full Saturday. Night all.
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