Friday, October 23, 2015

Glad she wants to go

It has been a long day and will be a very long and rushed day tomorrow, but that's okay. The hub and G are at church for middle school night and S is still at Powell High School for the football game. G had a couple of offers of things to do tonight, but we had to have her close since she has lots of soccer this weekend. While she was torn in some ways, she was SO excited to go to church tonight for middle school night. One of the rights of passage of the new youth is to play Underground Church. Basically kind of a hide and seek plus treasure hunt plus tag plus darkness plus access to places that they aren't usually allowed to go in the church at night. They go crazy for this game. G was so excited about playing, that she couldn't hardly stand herself today. I love to hear that.

Tomorrow is a big day of soccer. Please say a little prayer for safety for my players tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the last marching band competition of the year. Praying for S's safety as they travel by bus to and from the competition. Just get a little nervous.

Time to go to bed. Night all.

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