Thursday, October 15, 2015

Come on, Mark Packer!!

I am sitting here watching the televised Thursday night high school football game only so I can watch S and the band play their show. There are have been other Thursday games and we have been able to see large chunks of the shows. Not tonight. They had to do a huge segment on all day breakfast at the golden arches. I understand sponsorship, but people forget that the band is always asked to pep up the football team...give them their moment in the sun or the stadium lights. And while I am on my soapbox about inequality, here is this piece of crud for you to chew on. One of G's club teammates made the basketball team at her middle school. Pretty darn exciting. She is also on the soccer team for their school. Around here, middle school soccer is not a school sponsored sport. It falls under an umbrella of a middle school soccer organization that organizes the teams and brackets and all that business. Our middle school is somewhat supportive. They put the times and locations of their games on the school website and announce the results. I'm not sure what our school does about conflicting sports and practices, but G's friend's school has definite opinions. Yesterday, she made the basketball team, a school sponsored sport. Today, she had a soccer game(not school sponsored) and missed a practice...the first one. She was kicked off the team. They make allowances for cheerleaders(school sponsored)and football players, who aren't school sponsored. This kid wanted to play sports and be active and healthy. One season that will be over at the conclusion of next weekend and another that won't start for another two weeks. Shame on you, coach. Shame on you.

Stepping off the soapbox. I'm tired. Night all.

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