Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just say no!

We have a child taking a health and safety class this year and she is learning lots of valuable information. I'm glad she's hearing about drugs and alcohol and STD's this early. Maybe some people don't like that, but if she gets slapped with the cold hard truth early, hopefully she'll carry that knowledge with her during the most tempting and difficult of times. We were passing one of the 67,000 'vaping" stores while returning from an office supply store and had a discussion about the dangers of that particular habit. She then began to tell us all of the dangers of and damages related to smoking. As we drove down the road, she mentioned "black, yucky lungs and yellow teeth and horrible breath and..." The hub and I were helping her list off things and then she said, "Oh yeah! You get a hairy tongue! A hairy tongue!! I saw pictures and they were gross!". The way she said this last side effect of smoking was so comical that I truly thought we were going to run off the road. Once we gained our composure, we talked about how it is so very difficult to quit smoking and that it is said that heroin is easier to kick than nicotine. She then said, "Don't you mean 'heroi-ja-wana'?". Again, the hub almost ran off the road while I desperately tried to catch my breath.

All kidding set aside, I am so glad we can have an open and honest dialogue about these kinds of things with our children. If we react with disgust or horror at their questions, they will no longer come to us to talk. If I need to react, I will ask for time to research the question and have a come apart away from the question asker. I may just need to have a good laugh. Who knows?

Have a good even and watch out for hairy tongues. Night all.

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