Sunday, October 11, 2015

Crazy from the corn

We decided after the past few extra rainy days to get out of the house and do something outside, maybe even get some vitamin D and fill our lungs with fresh air. So what better activity to do in October than go to the corn maze with about 57,000 of our closest friends. We did get our steps in for sure by doing both sides of the maze plus the "Back 40" with all kinds of other activities and photo ops. My brother is taking a photojournalism class and came along with us so he could try to get some assignments done for his class. I've decided that there are a few different types of people who frequent the maze attractions:

1. The Boy Scouts...who do everything but bring out their compass. They actually look at the map, attempt to understand it and follow it to the nth degree They are going for the beginning to end speed record for completion of said maze. This is my husband. Maze completion time? 45minutes

2. The couples in love. They have the map of the maze, but they are more interested in looking deeply into each others' eyes and getting lost in the maze...sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose. They get romantic about the fact the the paper punch used to mark off their arrival at a clue stand is a heart and that it must be fate that made that the shape for their corn maze visit. Maze completion time? Um, I think they're still in there.

3. Younger youth. They break every rule of the corn maze as quickly as possible. They throw the corn, they create new paths in the corn, they try to steal the corn, they hide in the corn and jump out at their friends and strangers. They get on the bridge above the corn maze and declare their rule over the corn. Unfortunately, it is the boys more than the girls. Sorry. Maze completion time? When they get kicked out by the corn cops. Anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

4. Older youth. They go in the maze all serious about getting out quickly...they want to be better than the younger youth, but the youth eventually takes over and they can't stand it anymore. The group stays serious for a fair amount of time, but one by one they no long resist the temptation to hide in the corn and scare the bejeezus out of both their girl friends and their bro friends. There's a lot of laughing and profane name calling...and girlfriends who wonder where it all went wrong. Maze completion time? It's hard to say, but usually when they go a bit too far and end up scaring a child and their significant other makes them leave when they feel bad.

5. The youth group/college group. They are trying a little team building exercise and think the maze will be great. Someone will end up blindfolded in each small group while the rest lead them around to help them out of the maze whilst they are blindfolded. If there is an open space in the center of the maze, they will often be found have a little devotional or extracurricular activity. Maze completion time? When all team members have complete and total trust of each other...they may still be in there with the couples in love.

6. There are many other people as well. The mom who takes so many pictures her child must be appearing on the cover of TIME magazine. The escapee from a parent who gets seperated from their child because their child has gotten faster than they originally planned. The list goes on and on.

We made it through...I got my 10,000+ steps in and we all survived. Now it's time to go make some s'mores. Night all.

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  1. The Know IT All: wants to lead everyone. Hey, there is no 'we' in corn maze.
    The Botanist: Gives you the bla bla on corn "Did you know every string of silk is attached to a kernel" "Did you know Corn was the first thing the settlers ate"