Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Food fail...

Fall Break brings with it a couple days of sleeping in and getting to do some sort of fun activities during the course of the time off. My oldest was assigned a Geometry project to build a scale model of an item that could fit in her hand and enlarge it by at least 2 times PLUS write a paper answering questions outlined by the teacher. All of this is to be due the day they get back from Fall Break...tomorrow. Really? When do our children actually get the break they are given by the school system? I mean, come on. Anyway, she worked on it quite a bit to the detriment of her free time and break enjoyment. One of the things that I try to do during these times is make special breakfasts for the children. I found a food hack on Twitter for Nutella stuffed pancakes. They seemed easy enough. Make little disks of the hazelnut goodness and plop it on top of a sizzling pancake and put more batter on top. Then flip it and cook it the rest of the way. Simple enough, right? I thought so until I tried it. While they tasted pretty darn good, it looked like a hazelnut spread and batter mixed disaster. They were tasty...ugly but tasty. If I didn't have the smell of burning spread permeating the kitchen, I would have taken a picture. Probably best that I didn't. Maybe I will try again sometime. It'll be a while.

Night all.

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