Monday, October 19, 2015

Lesson learned

Disclaimer: This may have a not so nice word in it. I will try to place appropriate puntuation symbols in the word when spelling it so you get the gist, but I don't get flagged as too inappropriate.

Well, friends, I learned a valuable lesson today. If you mess with fire, you have a very good possibility of getting burned. I was messing in the basement today and the house phone rang. It doesn't ring too often, so I picked it up. We have an old school phone down there that has no caller ID screen on it, but I was expecting an important call, so I was answering old school. Here we go. Apparently, according to my male foreign friend, GASP my computer had been hacked and he was going to help me stop the criminals. I played along for a little, as I always do(and maybe I shouldn't do that at all). After three different instructions I said, "This is a scam, do not call me again!" and hung up the phone. I didn't slam it down...just hung up. A few seconds later, the phone rang again. Not thinking, I picked it up and a stream of threats and obscenities filled my ear. I thought maybe I was hearing things, but what my foreign friend said was crystal clear. I hung up quickly. I was trying to process what happened while resuming my job of folding sheets. I have never been spoken to like that in my life. Wow. It kind of creeped me out. I put another load in to wash and the phone rang again. Please let this be who I need to speak with so I can stop anwering this phone. I really should have left the basement, but I was making progress and I didn't want to leave. I answered, "Hello?". The foreign friend said, "Well hello, wh*** b!$%^. How are you now?". Well, that did it. I hit my creeped out level and got out of the basement. I got out of the house and texted the hub and a friend. My friend was a lot of help..."Hey! Do you remember when that happened to a woman and the harrassing caller had somehow crawled into the woman's attic and was watching her?". Uh, thanks a lot. The hub is going to file a report with the proper authorities, but nothing will happen. These people have perfected the art of scamming and harrassing people. It sucks.

Just word to the wise. Be warned if you fight back at all, be prepared to get someone who fights dirty in retaliation. And it is more disturbing than I ever thought it could be...truly.

Night all.

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  1. I know...its creepy and a half! I had a person; a man taunt me over the phone (now, dont get all 'I know what you did last night' movie on me...)but anyhow, he called and called me for two weeks...My boss was not at the office the whole time, so he didn't catch the calls, but he did pick up on the last call. Lets say, guy to guy mortal combat ensued. We made a complaint with the police department and the business ( was COPY PAPER he was selling) that it was, and the phone company. I feel for you! Adrienne