Sunday, October 4, 2015


Just kind of dull today and don't really know what to write about. One person told me I was wrong to write every day and that I should save up for a really good post. Others say write every day because you need the practice. Not necessarily me in particular, but people who want to be better writers need to practice quite a bit. I feel like a list for this Sunday, but I have no particular theme, so I'll just call it RANDOM MUSINGS ON A SUNDAY!!!

1. Getting old sucks. I have gimped around today on an ugly hip. I look like Igor...just in time for Halloween.

2. There can never be too much emphasis on the healing powers of a Sunday nap.

3. There can also never be too big of a warning label on a Sunday nap and how it screws up your Sunday night sleep patterns.

4. Being a parent is the single most rewarding and painful job mone can have. Today was the painful side. Painful mean girls. Enough said.

5. I need to examine the state of the public park subject and find out why, when I took my son to the park today, he was surrounded on one side by what looked like doomsday cult members out for their monthly trip to remember what the sun looks like AND a tighly and skimpily clothed woman swinging with a cigarette in one hand and a BEER in the other. Apparently I missed a memo.

6. Car rides, the dinner table and tucking into bed time are the three places where my children choose to spill all of their anger and hurt and worry. Just in time for me to run off the road, puke up my food or have a sleepless night. Whatever way they do it, I am sure glad they will share.

7. Treadmills are very beneficial to our health, but very dangerous if one falls and the kill switch malfunctions. Very grateful injuries were minor.

8. I shouldn't be this excited about the season premiere of "Homeland", but I am. I really am.

I think that is about it, friends. Time to get ready for bed. Night all.

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