Tuesday, October 20, 2015

First of many...

Tonight marked another first in the history of our sweet G. She had her very first band concert. I love going to these concerts. They have a distinct sound as you can imagine. In nine weeks, they have learned a lot and played quite a few songs. I've said it before, I think that being a middle school band director must be simultaneously the most frustrating and rewarding job on the planet. The squeaks and blurts and womps and squawks turn into notes beautifully woven together into glorious melodies. But everyone has to have a first concert. They all sound exciting and wonderful and I will gladly stand up, clap like a maniac and yell, "That's MY baby on the trombone!". Mr. Jordan, the band director, has a personality that is so very entertaining and endearing to both parents and students. We are grateful for his patience and encouraging spirit.

Now I am going to get into my pajamas and wait for our other band student to return home from the Knox County Band Exhibition. She'll be one tired puppy dog when she returns.

Night all.
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