Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Haircut high

I have often discussed the importance of the barbershop in our family. Today was no different. The poor boy has been begging for a hair chopping for several weeks now, but scheduling has not made it possible. He does not have the kind of hair that gets shaggy really, more it just gets straight and plastered to his face. If he ever decides to grow his hair out, I dread to see what it would look like. Thankfully, he can't stand it if it grows past a certain point. We got there at the perfect time, because the barber was getting his hair cut himself and was almost done. He jumped right up into that chair and went into his haircut trance. Afterwards, you would have though he had just downed a bottle of 5 Hour Energy. He was on a "Haircut High". I think he thanked me like 20 times in two hours. Who knew that would make hime so excited? But then, I love having a good hair cut. It makes me feel awfully good too!

Go get a haircut is healthy and legal. Night all.

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