Friday, October 9, 2015

Finally almost fixed

The hub was off today, thank goodness, and we went out on a mission: to get estimates on the damages of the Sequoia vs School Bus battle royale. We have been in a holding pattern for quite a while, waiting for the bus's insurance company to return our calls and throw us some sort of bone. Finally, the hub received a call and a check+estimate breakdown came in the mail. The first place we visited for an estimate had changed hands since a non-insured driver rear ended me the last day of school before Christmas break. They were nice then...four years ago. Today, I think they really could have cared less if they got anyone's business. Complete and total lack of customer service and brushed us off like the dandruff on an old man's shirt. Don't know why I said it that way...not the kind of poetry that would move a man's soul. Sooooo, out the door we went. The next place we visited was like the superstore of collision repair. They got to us, examined the car, did the estimate on the car and got us our printout all in 20 minutes or less. Unfortunately, maybe, their estimate was at least $300 higher. Not completely our problem, but we also don't want to be stuck with the difference. The collision people are handling the insurance company. They do it all the time apparently. We also will have a rental car for 4 days. WHen they were trying to determine what we would need, they first decided we would get a Dodge Charger:

While that might have been fun to drive, schlepping three children and their backpacks and soccer bags and junk would not be enjoyable. At all. So they changed that to a midsized SUV. It should be interesting regardless.

I have to go friends. Must get ready to go wrap hamburgers and hot dogs for the football game. Woohoo.

Night all.
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