Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wholesale clubbed to a pulp

So I got to turn into a legit employee today and have my own membership card to the local wholesale club.  I joke...I have been a legit employee.  I have avoided getting one of these cards like the plague. I just don't want to have anything that, with my stupid luck, could cause a problem or be lost or stolen.  I'm paranoid that way.  Anyhoo, I went to our local wholesale club armed with my prewritten and signed check and letter expressing that my work says it is okay for me to be on their account, and happily strolled over to Customer Service.  Forty five minutes later, I had a card for work and a new and improved card for our personal use.  45 minutes later.  The woman tried to get me to get rid of my personal card and use the business card for both work and family use.  "Uh, but ma'am, uh, that is unethical and I can't do that."  She looked at me as though I had a third eye.  "Honey, it would be one less card in your wallet."  "Yes ma'am, but I would also have one less income in our family to buy things at your store...because I would get fired and rightfully so."  Her look remained puzzled as she handed me my nice warm and freshly printed card.  I went through the store and did my shopping, grabbing goldfish crackers and saltines and little cups for juice.  I went to the aisle for juice and grabbed several for Sunday morning snack.  They come in two packs kind of yoked together with a piece of green plastic.  As i pulled the third two pack down, one of the apple juice bottles went rogue and popped me in the nose.  I staggered to the cart and put them in there, barely able to see through the stars I was seeing.  Already a little ticked off, I wobbled up to the self check out and started the process.  I went to swipe my card and it didn't work.  Tried again and same result.  I asked the lady and she said, "That isn't attached to a charge account."  It also wasn't tax exempt.  She worked some voodoo and printed out a special receipt that I was to take back over to customer service.  Once I returned, I spoke to another lady and again showed her my information and letter for getting this card.  Another 45 minutes later.  Yes...another 45 minutes later they had shredded two cards, pulled the first CS rep who helped me over to show her what she had done wrong.  Turns out, she was a trainee.  They fixed the account part and then for got the tax exempt.  Or vice versa.  It was painful.  I had my picture taken at least seven times today and my face became less friendly and accommodating with each flashbulb.  After I loaded my car, I called the office and spoke to our financial lady to explain the snafu and warn her of the possible onslaught of error filled paperwork that may or may not be coming her way.  Let's pray it doesn't happen, because I do not want to go back to customer service one more time.  If I do, there better be some excellent free samples awaiting me in frozen foods when I am done.   Just saying'.

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